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Here’s More Info About “DigiStopper”

That “30%” stat comes from actual data… 

My good friend Bryan Driscoll at Motivated Leads (the top digital marketer in REI) told me about a “little secret” to stopping price shoppers; you know, the sellers who are going from competitor to competitor seeking the best offer. 

A “little tactic that cuts “offer shopping” and gets 30% of your sellers to make an appointment in a few seconds.

 And it’s by adding ANOTHER Call to Action other than to call/text back your drips…

Here’s what I mean…

Most sellers who find you online (via SEO or your paid FB/Google ad), are going to just keep going down the line until they find their solution.

You and your competitors are listed there on Google, hoping and praying the seller chooses you: 

The King of REI copy, and King of REI digital marketing, join forces.

(Image provided by myLifetime.com @lifetimetv)


With that in mind… 

I’ve created a highly aggressive drip. 

That stops sellers in their tracks. 

Keeping them from shopping around. 

Using strategies and tactics like:

  • The “deadline” trick to get call-backs — A “curiosity tickler” used frequently in the 1950s that drove people to call or text you back.

  • An absurd humor message (at the right time and place), that gets a LOL response… Not a “needle mover” but at least getting the “LOL” is a first step to winning back ghosted leads.

  • 5+ seller-benefits-laden inside —  Most people can’t write past “Are you still interested in selling?”. But investors have over a dozen or more benefits they give to sellers… might as well use them in your copy and these drip messages give a glance at some.

  • Credibility-bursting messages — “Getting a response” might not be a goal for every message. Some messages lift credibility to gain trust while they’re “pinning” you against others.

  • F/U forever — Until they tell you “Stop”. Even though these messages are 30 days long, a notification at the end lets you plug them into other “non-aggressive” drips so you don’t lose them.

  • The “Cardone” video trick —Learned from Grant Cardone and other top salespeople who use it to gain attention in a crowded market; a personal video message that can boost rapport and “personalization” in your follow-up.

Order Now$280.00 $210.00

*NOTE: this is just the original template: no installation, no customization, no variations