Overcoming limp sales…

I’m not great at sales.  


But I sell I higher ticket service so I need to get (digitally) belly-to-belly.  


But here’s the thing…  


So far I have a 75% conversion rate. (It used to be 50%, but since raising my prices (yes I keep raising it, so book a call below if you’re on the fence because it’s about to go up again)… and improving some things on my appointments, the conversion has gone up). 


But THAT^ has nothing to do with my (lack of) fabulous sales skills.  


And mostly the front-end and back-end marketing doing the work for me (and all that still needs improvement in my opinion).  


So here are some keys I’ve discovered to higher sales conversion without having to do much extra:  


  1. Have a tight “customer service” — if you have 100% absolutely satisfied sellers/clients/buyers that naturally leads to referrals, and referrals are the easiest to close. How do you do this? A few ways but here’s one: “perceived speed” (more on this later)… Then ASK for reviews and referrals (this is the “back-end marketing” I was talking about).

  2. Ease down the seller’s skepticism before an appointment — By providing social proof, authority, and expertise before they show up.

  3. Have enthusiasm about yourself and what you do — this makes all the world a difference with closing. There’s nothing I can say except figure out how to have the confidence that you actually help people. As soon as I had this mental shift — when someone qualified and I truly knew I could help — I couldn’t let them go. 

  4. Turn appointments into diagnostic meetings — I used to do “Dog and Pony shows” for appointments: “Here’s the offer, here’s what I do, etc”. When I shifted to “diagnostic calls” it made a world of difference. An example of this is in the real world: when a (confident) doctor goes through his questions, diagnoses you, and then recommends the plan… most people go with it.  


Those little changes have been big for me.  


And maybe for you too. 



Paul do Campo  


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P.S. Something I haven’t revealed… is that I do a monthly print newsletter for new OmniDrip clients. I go much deeper into these concepts.