Positional marketing as an investor

The greatest position you can be as an investor (or anywhere in life) is people/leads swimming uphill toward you.  


Here’s what I mean…  


The other day in this newsletter I got talking about branding and positioning.  


When I ask people how they’ve heard about me, the typical answer is:  


“I googled and found some videos of you, and then found some PDF with you in it…”  




“I saw you on one podcast, and then another, and then I heard you say ….. Which finally struck a chord with me so I signed up and bought…”.  


If you were to only use marketing mediums that were driven by “results” (and I mean direct measurement at the moment, results) you’d be losing out on the greatest advantage you can have:  


Leads swimming uphill.  


For example, just like how podcast appearances are one of the worst-performing marketing mediums for me, I still do them -- you can have in place “bad marketing mediums”. Because of the perpetual branding (even if it publishes only once -- it’s still in the “ether”; Googlable, talked about, etc).  


Networking… directly measured, is one of the worst ways to get leads.  


But over time, you (you are the “brand”) become the friendly familiarity in the room. 


 And leads (from others) start swimming up.  


It’s a hard thing to do in REI… but it’s not impossible.  


It’s thinking more about inbound marketing vs outbound marketing.  


And it takes time.  


Here are some examples (at the top of my mind not necessarily examples for you to do but for you to think differently)  


- Newspapers ads  


- Pencils/materials with your brand and CTA donated to the schools 


- Billboard ads (I’ve heard of people buying lots in strategic places to put a billboard -- just make sure you understand the city/county’s laws for that)  


- Radio ads 


- Valpak ads 


- Actual office space with a big sign, off a congested road 


- Radio ad 


- Ad in your community magazine 


Speaking of inbound leads…  


I’ll be doing an offer, with a pal who specializes in this.  


Stay tuned for that…  


For now, listen to me spout about this marketing lesson in my mobile app, how I almost got scammed via a fake cashiers check:



(NOTE: Open with a MOBILE phone, and you’ll be directed to “Learnistic” which is the company that hosts the app)