PPC vs cold call vs …. Insert name

Here’s the answer to the hot debate…  


… Of which is best for lead generation: cold calling, cold SMS (probably slowly dying into a rotten corpse in my humble but correcting marketing opinion), direct mail, or PPC? 


And the answer is defined by my good friend (and user of OmniDrip) Adam Whitney, partner at 7-Figure Flipping.  


It’s also a bit more complicated than “Which is better?”.  


Each of those leads is in different “stages”.  


And just because a PPC lead is “hotter” doesn’t mean it’s a “better” lead.  


Sure, you close those faster than a cold call lead.  


But the cost is vastly different…  


And then you have to weigh in the cost of “time to close” — the cost of resources to follow up on those “long-term” leads.  


Adam lays a neat little chart on “cost vs ‘temperature’ of lead” for each lead (everything from TV to Radio to SMS).  


He’s charted it and explains it in the free guide I have below. 


But for those long-term leads (the ones you have to take time with and “massage” like the “Lucky Massage” parlor at the corner)…  


… He doesn’t waste too many resources.  


He plugs them into drips.  


And TODAY, I’ll be going over how it’s done in his CRM — because 40% of his deal-flow is from sequences.  


Check it out here. 



Paul do Campo 



P.S. You can get his free guide right here.