Products/properties don’t sell themselves…

… Even if discounted.   


Years ago I had a mobile home that wouldn’t sell.  


I kept bringing the price down… and down… and down… till it was way below the competing listings.  


And that point I just wanted to get rid of it, recoup my losses, and be able to sleep at night (I was a motivated seller at that point).  


At the same time, a friend commented:  


“Just give it time… homes sell themselves”.  


(This person had no experience selling anything in his life) 


It’s my humble (but great) opinion that products (even discounted ones)… Don’t sell themselves.  


Even Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) will nod his head in agreement saying (I paraphrase):  


“We were competing with Kmart (the other discount giant) at the time. And I learned it’s not enough to just discount things… you have to really DRAMATIZE the sale if you want to sell anything”.  


Yeah, I know of the old adage:  


“If you have a deal you’ll find a buyer!!!”.  


I question that.  


There’s more influence than just price that sells things… if that were the case you wouldn’t have people who make 6 figure incomes by just co-wholesaling other people’s deals to their own buyer’s list. I’m reminded of a good friend, Jeff (Hi Jeff!), who made a “dramatic demonstration” whenever he had a deal to wholesale. He’d almost throw a big party. Invite all the buyers into the house, and just have a bidding war right then and there, inside the house.  


AKA: ^Dramatic demonstration.  


(That’s a term you don’t hear about much in the REI circles) 


So what does the “selling” if it’s not (just) price? 


All sorts of things: Trust, urgency, credibility, friendly familiarity, emotion, pain, etc.  


… But price is at the bottom. 


Paul do Campo 


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P.S. Yes I did end up finally selling that property at a small loss.