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That’s^ at least what I want to do with the no-shows…  


(and there are some valuable lessons below on boosting your show-up rate. And hopefull, my merge field in the subject line doesn’t pull anyone’s panties the wrong way) 


So here’s the thing: I’ve got a 10% no-show rate on my booked appointments (that’s not bad given 15%-20% is the norm).  


The business person inside me wants to capitalize on that — put them on an automated process (a sequence), send them a mailer, and send them a different offer.  


The “Paul” in me is saying:  


“Foog them. There’s more of them than of me.”  


But that’s not good advice for you.  


(Or me if my goal is to create a scalable excitable business)  


So how do you lower no-shows?  


My first advice is for yourself. For YOU to be prompt yourself.  


I mean… isn’t it ironic if someone complains about no-shows but isn’t prompt themselves?  


If you want an outcome, don’t be the exact opposite of what you want (For example: if you want to sell a high-ticket service/product, don’t be a cheapo about buying high-ticket products. If you want people (partners/JVs) not to bamboozle you, don’t bamboozle others).  


So that’s my first tip.  


Simple yeah?  


Well, here’s another set of tips for managing appointments:  


  1. Settle them down — People are nervous before an appointment. They’re all thinking, “Is this a scam??”. Ask yourself: What can I do to show them I’m not a scam? A pic of your team. The about page. Articles to boost your authority. Reminders. Etc.


  2. Be in their world — Similar to the above, but the more they see you the more they’ll be reminded about the appointment and the more they’ll trust. So they see you in ads, frequent SMS and emails, calls/VM, articles, etc.


  3. Keep a simple drip — the drip can be tasks or full-on automation that Calendly can do for you (you just have to load up the messages).


  4. Squeeze down that rate with another process — “Drips” are just automated processes to keep you in check. So have another for those missed appointments to squeeze some more juice from lemon.  


That’s all for today.  


Except this…  


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I’ve got just the thing.  


Mailers designed (by yours truly), to:  


– Show your appreciation (there’s no greater impact for standing out, than saying thank you on a mailer) 

– Follow up with the no-shows.  


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Paul do Campo