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Helps convert your ghosted, “on-the-fence” seller leads on near auto-pilot while you run your wholesaling business!

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Bryan Driscoll - Motivated Leads

Wes Brown - Revive Real Estate LLC

Greg Baker - Sell Your House To Greg

Jarred Matthews - Lions Key Homes

"It's helped us close more deals...! - Yancy Forsythe

Jacques Pierre - Your R.E.S. Properties

Daniel Allen - Allen Apps

Matt Viebrock - Moontower Properties

"We've been able to close more deals..." - Joel Copas

Carlos Zamora - Investor Fuse

Adam Whitney - 7 Figure Flipping

Ryan Smith - Lead Smith RE

"Within 2 weeks we had a signed deal..." - Scott Farrow

10 ways OmniDrip dramatically improves your deal flow


Uses persuasive messages that tap into your seller's problems, desires, and fears — Every real seller has problems and desires. OmniDrip uses that to your advantage to create subtle and creative pain/solution messages.


Grab deals that fall out of escrow with your competition — About 30% of sellers that sign with another investor (because they had a higher offer) fall out and don’t close. OmniDrip will make sure you’re there at the right time to capture them, using the “Signed with someone else” sequence.


Segments your leads into “types” — “Segmenting” is a big moneymaker in every marketing and business sector. The reason? Because every type of seller has a different need, desire, and problem. It’s not enough to say, “We can buy your house cash”. We split sequences into "Landlord", "Vacant house", and "O.O."


Sells for you while you run your business – Let OmniDrip “work” your old ghosted leads for you on autopilot using proven copy-driven marketing auto-sequences. Using auto SMS, emails, articles, tasks-to-call, response tactics, personal touches, mail, and more... all installed into your CRM!


Uses the amazing power of social proof to earn the highest credibility — With OmniDrip, we send sellers to your digital assets (website testimonials, Google reviews, Social Media pages) to show and demonstrate that you’re the real deal (NOTE: don’t worry if you don’t have these testimonials yet... below, you’ll see how you can gain reviews with OmniDrip).


Persistent task automation — Automated SMS alone won’t do justice for a complete follow-up system. We need tasks for our LM/AM to manually call. OmniDrip adds automated tasks for your Lead Managers and Acquisition Managers to call at the right times.


Copy-driven voice-mail scripts — Does your Lead Manager or Acquisition Manager know what to say in a voicemail? If not, OmniDrip has that covered with voicemail scripts for each specific task in a specific sequence. And the scripts are written by expert REI copywriter, Paul do Campo.


Grab deals you thought were “dead” leads — Many investors walk away when a seller says: “Your offer is too low”. But then later, that same seller might end up selling at a discount to another investor anyway. There’s a sequence in OmniDrip to shuffle these “Low offer sellers” into and make sure you don’t lose a potential deal.


Follow up (automatically) in every angle – All these installed for you: copy-driven Email, SMS, Tasks to call, humor messages, videos, articles, direct mail, and much more added to your existing CRM.


Never lose a lead — Whether a lead ghosts you, says "no", or "maybe"... you'll be following up (with value) in the background, 24/7.

“What people are saying about Paul & OmniDrip”

"I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you working with us this past year or so and how much we've valued your work…”

Trevor Mauch

Founder of Investor Carrot

“These drip campaigns helped me close multiple $10,000-$15,000 assignments and a $50,000 net profit flip with ZERO manual follow up!”

Stone Saathoff

Flipper/wholesaler San Antonio, Texas

If you aren’t using the new drips you should be.

Nice little response on a beach house I plan to snag!

Aaron Bihl

Texas investor

Just went under contract on a lead that came in on June 29, 2021 [A full year]. This was partly because of the Drips in place [From OmniDrip]... It took a year, but it pays to follow up.


Former CPA turned full-time investor

“These drips are awesome! I just got a $17k deal right from them and got myself an easy Google review!

Mitchell Martin

Alabama Wholesaler


Paul, you're one of the best copywriters in the real estate game

Ryan Dossey

Investor, wholesaler, and serial entrepreneur

Hey Paul! I've gotten responses and others have gotten deals from them [the drips]. I think they do a great job of being Agnostic from other manual texts and conversations... They also come off genuine, instead of sent by a computer which is huge...

Josh Mclaughlin

Spokane, WA Investor


The team is LOVING the drips. Thank you for your hard work on that!"

Josh Howard

Indiana Investor, owner of "Ignite Buys Houses"

How it Works


Sign up below to see our demo, samples, and list of sequences


To order, book a call with me (the founder), here


After ordering, you'll have an onboarding call and a form to fill — this generates your profile to help us create your semi custom follow up.


In 5-10 business days, you'll have a chance to look over all your messages before we install. 


In 10-15 business days, you'll have all the sequences and systems with URLs, reviews (if you have them), and articles installed in your CRM. 


There are support and training videos available for you and your team.

“Are you still selling??” over & over again doesn’t work…

That’s what most investors and CRM’s drip sequences say. It’s self-serving and just pesters and annoys (and gets you spam complaints). With OmniDrip you’ll send messages (written by a professional copywriterthe best in the business) that pull out value, benefits, problem/solution, and more.

pry seller problems


We'll look at your business and assets (website, URLs, processes, reviews), and match the sequences and language with it.

We'll begin creating all your (easy-to-follow) 20 drip sequences and messages (Email, articles, SMS, tasks, scripts, and mail). Your best reviews and URLs will also be inside. 

We’ll install your new semi-custom messages into your CRM for you, in 15 business days or less.

After installation, training videos, support, and optimization (changing out copy/content that's working best, market changes, new reviews, watching deliverability) will be given. 

Frequently Asked Questions


I've worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he's on the top list—delivering what he promises, quick response, and writes very effective copy

Craig Simpson

Co-authored “The Direct Mail Solution” w/ Dan S. Kennedy

Paul, you're a GREAT writer!

Michael Senoff

One of the worlds first podcasters

These Drips will add $100k to your Bottom line

Ryan Dossey

8-figure investor, serial entrepreneur, and coach

There are two kinds of real estate investors: Successful ones who invest the time to learn about marketing - and frustrated ones who don't and spin their wheels endlessly. Paul do Campo clearly lays out what real estate investors must know about marketing...

Ken McCarthy

“Father of Internet Marketing” - Time Magazine

Dude, you’re one of the best copywriters I know!


Forbes-Featured copywriter, Content writer at Click Funnels, Contributor at: SUCCESS magazine, Ad Week, and Carrot

Paul came to us as an independent writer for Carrot where he provided unique and customized website copy to our client base... Paul became a go‐to resource for our higher-level projects that had more unique copywriting needs... He was awesome to work with!

Janel Stewart

(Former Client Manager at Carrot)

The Brains Behind “OmniDrip”

“A copywriter and a real estate investor have a baby…”

Paul do Campo, a pro copywriter and investor since 2015, has honed his copy and marketing skills in various businesses including his own. He's worked with top figures like Trevor Mauch at Carrot (and their clients), Ballpoint Marketing, Investor Fuse, Ryan Dossey and other service providers in REI. After years of crafting custom solutions for elite investors, Paul created "OmniDrip" to address a widespread issue in the industry: lost deals due to weak follow-up.

Paul do Campo:

flipper, investor, top marketer and copywriter helping businesses improve revenue

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