Secrets to wild success — from a 1930’s ad man


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Let me explain an obscure principle that is one of the root causes of success and deep persuasion. 


(much more effective than the 24 closing statements of Grant Cardone) 


And it's a principle that's used in all kinds of situations, not selling. 


This principle has enabled me to live a very comfortable life of not having to work so much; to the tune of 2-4 hours a day If I choose (albeit I still have to “work” for about 85% of my income -- but I'm working on that).  


And a legendary ad man from the 1930’s, Leo Burnett, coined it:  


“Friendly familiarity” 


During the 1930's, people really put their money where their mouth was. They didn’t have Fakebook ads that cost pennies.  


Anyway… Leo put it this way to explain Friendly Familiarity: 


If you’re an insurance salesman who shows up every day to the same bus to ride in the morning…  


And you speak to the same people, and they know you sell insurance…  


One day, when those people need insurance, it’s very likely they’ll be coming to you.  


Friendly familiarity happens with:  


  • Ads 

  • Emails 

  • Showing up to your local REIA’s every week (friends back in SoCal never run out of money or buyers of their deals/notes doing this)  

  • And of course… direct mail.  


I’ve said it before:  


You can’t convince anyone of anything without trust.  


And the biggest mechanism to trust is friendly familiarity.  


So I’ve incorporated this into my follow-up system.  


Because there’s no better IMPACT than a seller getting a thank you card for inquiring about your cash offer…  


… or a postcard asking:  


“What happened? We sent you a cash offer and we haven’t heard from you?” 


It’s taking friendly familiarity and merging it with digital and offline.  


Mail has a far deeper impact than pure digital.  


For those that don't have a follow-up sequence, nor have a lot of volume I challenge you to try this manually.  


I’ve done it and it’s helped me get to where I am today.  


So for those that don’t have lots of volume of leads, do this:  

  • Buy a packet of thank you cards 

  • Buy a packet of secondary thank-you cards 

  • Buy a packet of “hope you feel better” cards.  

  • When a seller books an appointment with you. Send them a thank you card. 

  • When a seller signs a contract, send them a thank you card. 

  • If a seller ghosts you, send them a “Hope you’re feeling better” card.  


For those that have TOO many leads to do this…  


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