Selling lessons from teaching a child with autism

One of the best lessons in communication, in my honest (but correct) opinion…  


… Is explaining things to kids.  


Specifically a child with autism.  


Here’s what I mean:  


My oldest is in the Autism Spectrum.  


Most of the time, people in the spectrum take things SUPER literally.  


For example, I can’t say, “...ALL the time”. Cause they interpret it as, “Every single second of the day” -- seriously.  


I also have to be SUPER clear on instructions.  


I learned to do this with VAs as well.  


Have things "step by step" and in very simple terms... Or things get missed.  


(If you find a VA (or any employee for that matter) that thinks outside the box given to them… you have yourself a winner)  


And in copy or ANY communication…  


The rule is:  


“Be VERY clear on what the 'next thing to do'... is”.  


The legendary copywriter Gary Halbert would go to the extent of saying (for example):


"Pick up your phone. Then dial -------Then, Sally, our beautiful call rep will answer. And she'll ask you three questions to get your order started... "  


I’ll be honest…  


With my OmniDrip brand, I was very UNclear with my “book a call” calendar when I first launched (I was trying to get it out there and the "book a call" CTA was working well for referrals)  


But I’m super clear this time (at least in this email):  


  1. Choose any of one of these sequences you’d like for your follow-up 

  2. Each are $110 (special ones are $150) 

  3. If you choose all of them you get a big discount 

  4. Reply back in this email with the ones you want  

  5. I send you a cart link 

  6. You fill out our custom form to make your messages custom to you and your business 

  7. You have copy-driven emails, SMS, call/vm scripts in your CRM in 2 weeks or less.  


P.S. In the emails, VMs, and SMS in my follow-up messages... I am SUPER clear on what sellers are supposed to do next.



P.P.S I'm going to be super slow in responding as I "vacation" in our second in Portugal