Sit with the “Duke of Drips” today


I’m here in So Cal to spend time with the family for the holidays…


But I’m looking to get on some calls with you before I “close up shop” for the rest of the year.


So I’ve opened up my calendar. And if you haven’t jumped on board with vamping up your drip sequences in a way that’ll SELL ghosted and “on the fence” leads while you’re working on hot leads, staring into the abyss, or whatever you like to do with your free time OTHER than figuring out what to say and setting manual tasks every hour…


Jump on a call with me here today so we can go over installing a solid drip system into your CRM.


-Paul “Duke of drips” do Campo


P.S. This isn’t a scare tactic… I’m finally raising my prices to $3k next year. So if you’re even slightly interested before the end of year get on it today.


P.P.S I assume you already get a ton of “Get tax deduction before end of year!”. Well if you didn’t know, yes OmniDrip is classified as a “marketing expense deduction”.