SMS advice for A2p

I woke this morning to a cold solicitation text while at my aunt's cobble-stone country house in Portugal.


It was a "Steve".


... Soliciting to help me close more wholesale deals.


We've never met nor know of each other, yet he texted me as if he knew me (Which is a bit of a "turn-off". Word of advice: if you're cold marketing or prospecting, don't come in as if you know the person).


About 1-2x per month I get these types of cold blast texts (Probably one of my holding LLCs being pulled and then skip-traced).


And my guess is, that it'll continue until all the platforms doing cold SMS blasting are completely shut down by the phone carriers implementing A2P 10dlc.


So, for anyone USING SMS today (either for cold or warm marketing), here's a bit of advice.  


To operate SMS today, do this:


  1. Have a clear opt-in -- (don't add people to your SMS list without their permission. Permission can be an opt-in box that makes it very clear what they're signing up for. Or one of those "keyword opt-ins")

  2. Remove anyone who asks to be removed.

  3. Keep a clean list.


It's that simple (simple not easy).


If you follow these rules above, there are no "flag words" you need to worry about.


In fact, SMS is VERY similar to email.


And in email, I pay no attention to the "hot spam words this month".


And yet, for the lists I managed, they're the strongest in their industry (ranging from 3x-8x the standard rev-per-email-contact metric.)


But of course...


That advice above means no cold-blast texting.


Cold text blasting is the cheapest way to get a deal (still today until the full effect of A2P comes in).


But... It's the WORST way to build a business.


I'll explain that^ another time...


... For now, understand that there ARE other nuances of SMS marketing (copy, links, frequency, etc.).


But you need not worry if you use my OmniDrip follow-up system.


(The clients USING the system are profiting and seeing the. most results -- if you need help with any of it reply back)


You also need not worry if you add direct mail in the fold.


Because as you remove people who unsubscribe from your SMS list... there's still the direct mail component -- even if they unsubscribe from SMS: they'll still get mail pieces and calls from you.


Adding DM is inexpensive.


So, if you want to add direct mail (which I highly advise), reply back... I'll send you the link... and we'll add it for you.