How’d you like to obliterate your competition…

… even those who have truckloads more money than you?

Let me explain by quoting the famous Dan Kennedy:

“Those that can spend the most on marketing, win.”

This is one of the most misinterpreted “Kennedyisms” there is.

People think this is about starting off with a heaping pile of cash.

It is not.

There are only 2 ways to beat the competition (and “outspend” them)… even if they have more money than you.

Here’s how you beat them…

(Drumroll pleasešŸ„ )




#1. Make more money per deal than them




#2. Pull more deals per-dollar-spent on marketing than them

Not exactly a “SeCrET nUnJa TaCtIc”?

(Or is it…)

You see, this is exactly what Dan Kennedy meant.

And exactly how he (and I) helps businesses dominate their markets. 

Here’s an example of #1:

If you’re a flipper (or wholesaler) that on average makes $25k per deal, you’ll have a 2.5x bigger marketing budget than the wholesaler who can only average $10k per deal.

This seems like a no-brainer…

But I see it the case for almost every struggling wholesaler I come across who is operating in expensive areas like S. Florida, DFW, and California.

… Expensive area’s where the average Cost Per Acquisition is at least $5,000+. 

The math just don’t make no cents!

If this is you…

You MUST find ways to increase your avg profit per deal.

This can be in the form of:

  1. Getting comfortable with rehabs (and learning how to decrease costs of rehab)
  2. Learning to negotiate deeper discounts
  3. Shifting to a different asset or area that has larger margins
  4. Building a better cash buyers list
  5. A combination of the above.

The #2 method to “outspending” your competition is where “stacked marketing” AND a thorough follow-up system come into play.

Just like the email that brought you here said, when you combine marketing mediums…

… you increase your marketing ROI exponentially.

Here’s a true, case in point:

My good friend and client, Ryan Dossey does not have complex tracking systems in his direct mail.

The reason?

Because 50% of those leads that call in after a mailed campaign… call in from his website which “breaks” any DM tests.

(unless you have a complex URL + tracking number system).

However, he has tested 1 thing frequently:

When he leaves out the URL on the mailers, his overall number of deals per month drops significantly. 

All because he left out a website from the letter/postcard.

But that’s not the only thing he “stacks” on his lead gen.

He also:

  1. He has a tons of reviews whenever people Google his business.
  2. He Retargets visitors with Facebook & Google banners ads for every person that lands on his site.
  3. His team has a “credibility folder” he leaves with every seller (which contains URLs).
  4. and…

… He uses OmniDrip.

Which contains a series of text messages and emails that “stack” by…

… containing URLs that send sellers to pertinent articles (related to the sequence that they’re in)

… Messages that contain “Credibility Stackers” (like his Google reviews pages, Website testimonials, and relevant articles)

… Leveraging events, objections, and pain points (to have the seller think about the situation and his offer)

Everything works together with the goal of:

Pulling more deals per $$$ spent.

While his local competition is spending $7,000 PER Acquisition, he’s spending only $3,000.


Giving him DOUBLE the spending power to buy more leads

Again, another “no brainer” but missed completely by many investors.

The details matter.

All the little things add up to increase your total conversion rate, like:

  • Improving your team’s negotiations and presentations
  • Adding FB retargeting to maximize your website traffic
  • Asking every closed deal if they have any other properties to sell or know anyone (this can be done automatically, like what we do in OmniDrip, and can add a few extra deals a year)

So that’s how you give yourself more “buying power” than your competitors.

Ready to move forward with OmniDrip?

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Here’s what a Guru said about Paul do Campo:

Craig Simpson – “The guru to gurus in the direct mail marketing world”

I’ve worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he’s on the top listā€”delivering what he promises, quick response, and writes very effective copy

ā€” Craig Simpson

Co-authored ā€œThe Direct Mail Solutionā€ w/ Dan S. Kennedy