Steve Trang agrees with me

Email:Jun 08 2023
I want to show a very real example of a selling technique that even Steve Trang agrees with…


It starts with a very “bucking-the-trend” move I make with OminDrip (don’t worry this will be very relevant to you and investing).


Every week I get frustrated prospects, interested in my service, reaching via my contact page asking:


What’s the price? I’d rather not opt-in.


It’s very apparent on my website that I don’t give out the price of OmniDrip until opt-in — it’s $1,850 today BTW and possibly still going up.


Because all throughout, there’s an opt-in CTA.


I operate VERY differently from typical services, vendors, and SaaS in REI.


I instead practice the direct response principle.


… A principle that Steve Trang has mentioned several times in his podcast.


(Called: making the “first mini sale” — something that every investor should absorb and I’ll show you in a bit how).


(If you’ve noticed, my website is one LOOONG sales letter. The menu bar just takes you to sections on that page… all these factors MIGHT be a big reason why I have a 10%-20% opt-in rate on COLD traffic compared to the average industry of 1%-2% (if you don’t believe me I can show you the data)


Here’s the thing…


I sell via email.


That’s my strength.


I’m not pounding my chest on social, or putting up selfie videos. Email is my selling mechanism.


So, that means I want email readers. I want people who are patient enough to read an interesting email… not someone who gets antsy because there’s no dopamine surge from scrolling a new video every 3 seconds.


Nor, do I want price shoppers on my list.


… Who want to make a decision about price before getting an understanding of me and the product.


My peers think I’m dumb.


Cause I’m not practicing a blanket marketing strategy — to grab every single person on the market as I can.


(that to me is a scarcity mindset… there are PLENTY of investors who are email readers and patient value seekers; I don’t need to go after every investor)


That’s my “first/next sale”.


For you…


Whatever your “next sale” is… that could be:



the opt-in/inbound call,

the question answered,

the appointment,


Whatever the stage of the seller, focus on the “next sale” or the “next thing”.


While browsing FB I saw an itching struggle and question;


“I can’t find a deal while cold calling.. please help!”  


My response:


“You’re not trying to find deals cold calling… you’re just trying to find A seller”  


Her “first sale” is getting this question answered: “Are you selling?”.  


If it’s a ‘no’, you go to the next ‘sale’: “Do you know anyone selling”.  


If it’s a ‘yes’, you go to the next ‘sale’ in your process…


And you know…


That’s exactly the principle behind my 20+ follow-up sequences in OmniDrip.


Each “bucket” represents the “next sale”.


That way I can get the CTA exactly right… I can leverage the “Stage” and problems.


If you want to more about my sequences you can go here.  





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