Taking a whiz while closing a 6 figure deal

Email: Jun 5th, 2023

The late great Jim Camp — known for negotiating billion-dollar deals between multi-national conglomerates — once said:

“Some of the best negotiating is done in the bathroom”. 

I’ve listened to this multiple times.

But only now — while listening to it while doing one of my “zone 2 hikes” through a hill overlooking the lake nearby…


… It’s finally hit me.


It’s why you and anyone can smell an “agenda” from someone during a networking event as easily as the herd of cats living next door.


Their “agenda-driven” networking reeks.


It’s repulsive.


It deters.


…. You get the picture.


Let me let you in on some insider knowledge that verifies this.


A client I once did some work for (a very well-known company and you’d probably know who they are)… once fired their ENTIRE sales floor.


Because after pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into finding the best sales trainer, a team, building an SOP for sales, fine-tuning everything…


After about a year and a half, they looked at the data and said:


“Man, our sales revenue sucks!” 


They immediately brought in a “non-sales” person… just someone who knows the product well, knows the market well, and worked there as a customer service rep…


… And he closed MORE sales than the entire sales team (of 3-4 guys), combined in one month. 


The “secret”.


He was just a “normal” guy that listened to them.


He heard what their pain was… asked them to talk more about it… and then offered the solution to it.


And if he knew (really knew) that the product is a fit and would help… he would genuinely follow up (not some generic sales pitch or auto sequence).


Tomorrow, (or another day) I’m going to give you the “secret” to the rest of that company’s marketing… that enabled this new closer to close more sales without having a long-nurtured automated follow-up system…


For now, this email is getting a little too long even for me.


The point is: “Me” marketing and “me” sales repels. 


There’s a right way to do “me” marketing in the right context — but it doesn’t work for REI acquisition (I’ll talk about some other time).


So if it hasn’t been blatantly apparent by now why “negotiating while taking a whiz” makes for great deals…


(or in the after-hours of a networking event, in the bar)


It’s because there’s no agenda.


It’s a “safe” place.


Not a time for networking and putting on a “mask”.


So (Real) connection is built. (Real) Listening is made. (Real) Solutions are offered.


– Paul

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