I might offend some by saying this...

Investors today, are still using "The Telegraph System" to follow up with sellers. 

I'm talking about the old "Hot", "Warm", and "Cold" Bucket follow-up system.

And they may get a little creative and add in a "No contact made" or "Contact made" sequence.

But hey... It WORKS for the solo salesperson! Why am I knocking it?!? Investors have made money from it!

But saying, "It works!", is like saying:

"My flip phone works just FINE for taking calls! Why do I need a smartphone!?!" 

Today, it's the 21st century where we have lightning-speed technology, and we don't have to resort to old archaic folder systems that were designed PRE-Internet...

(Yes, "hot, cold, warm" buckets are literally FOLDER systems. They were designed to make the piles of handwritten notes you have on prospects and leads simple. It was designed for paper systems. Not automated systems)

But yes... I get it. It works. Just like a flip phone can make calls.

But, in today's world, you have a very unique marketing advantage with your leads that an old folder system can't leverage.

(And it's an advantage that your competitors aren't aware of either)

Follow-up is the only place where...

 ... the lead actually tells us how to market to them.

  • Where a lead tells you what their pain points are (if they have tenants or a vacant house)
  • Where they tell you what their objections are (if you're offer is too low, or if they want to fix it themselves for a better offer, or if they aren't ready yet to sell)
  • Where they tell you what your Call to Action should be (if they missed the appointment that's a "Try our cash offer out CTA", or if they have other properties that's a "We'd like to place a cash offer on your other properties" CTA)

Why waste that opportunity by only having the limited "hot", "cold", and "warm" bucket system?

Follow-up is where we have the ability to manipulate the type of message... the timing of the message... and the type of prospect the message is sent to.


As a copywriter for multi-millionaire dollar brands in eCommerce, coaching, info publishing (and yes real estate)... this strategy is far more effective than the boring:

"Are you still interested in selling?" 


"Have you sold your house yet Mr...." 


"Hi, we contacted you about your property at... are you still selling?"




Yes, there are times and places to ask if they're still interested in selling.

However, you HAVE information that you wouldn't have at any other time. So, might as well leverage that and send them messages that pertain to the events happening in their life, the pains they are feeling, and the specific problem-solving benefits that you can offer them.

Follow-up is where the magic happens.

Might as well use technology and persuasive copy to create a thorough selling system in your business.

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Former CPA turned full-time investor

Paul became a go‐to resource for our higher-level projects that had more unique copywriting needs... He was awesome to work with!

Janel Stewart

(Former Client Manager at Carrot)