The “one thing” isn’t always that easy

I’m a fan of the book and concept “One Thing”.  


But when it comes to growing a business, the “one secret”, the “one thing you need to do right now”... or whatever highlighted clickbait Youtube title that pops up on your feed claims… 


… Me thinks from experience that it’s not as apparent as people make it to be.  


Especially if you’re really close to your business.  


Everyone is going to recommend a bunch of “stuff” for you to do.  


And if you’re new and still in the “learning phase” it’s wise to do them.  


But if you’re not new and you’re in the “growth stage” and need some help in the arenas of:  


  • Scaling 

  • Hiring 

  • Lead management 

  • Follow up 

  • Lead conversion, etc…  


... A fancy YouTube video won’t help (they’re great for when you’re in a “learning stage”).  


Instead, what helps is taking from multiple people you can gleam from and creating your own way of doing things… 


So here’s my proposition for you:  


I’m interviewing someone from my inner circle this week and I need your questions. And if you send me your questions I’ll send you the interview free (This interview will be part of a paid series of videos). 


He's a real REI master.  


He’s got a team and is still very LEAN.  


He’s flipping, wholesaling, buying/selling land, SFRs, commercials, etc.  


And he’s in a pretty competitive area: DFW.  


I’m not sure on his exact revenue (I’ll ask in the interview), but I know it’s around mid-7-figures.  


And he’s got high margins last time I spoke with him(which is what matters the most).  




If you want to get this interview (which I’m not giving out for free -- unless you send me questions I can use)…  


Reply and send me your questions!  


P.S. To give you some insight into my interview skills, I hosted and ran my own podcast in 2019/20 for a year, doing about 40 or so interviews.