The perfect marketing plan

I’d like to introduce you to the (almost) perfect marketing plan I’ve just witnessed this week.  


This might not apply to you, but there are some hard lessons to get your "mind-wheel" turnin’.  


Cause I think off-market investors — out of the number of industries I’ve been in — fail in understanding this concept I explain below…  




To explain this (almost) “perfect marketing plan”... 


My wife and I needed a picnic table.  


Home Depot was out.  


So we looked in our local market.  


And found someone.  


He builds them, sells them, and delivers them.  


And for the same price I’d pay Home Depot.  


So we went for it.  


He showed up, and he’s of Latino descent and possibly an immigrant because of his accent – RARE in these “woods” of North Idaho we recently moved to but seeing him brings an air of familiarity since my folks are immigrants and I come from southern CA and grew up with Latinos. 


The table was of craftsman-quality build. 


IMPORTANT: The above tactic is the “lead generation” part of his marketing plan.  


Now proceeds his upsell in his marketing plan… 


He begins asking us if we have anything in the house to fix.  


Well... I actually do… a whole list of things.  


He then goes on to examine what we need (baseboards).  


He measures and asks:  


“Can I give you a quote tomorrow?”  


“Sure!” I say with excitement, witnessing a BRILLIANT plan to create a recurring flow of handyman work for himself.  


His plan:  


  1. Sell something to someone that is most likely to need OTHER services 

  2. Create a high-quality product to stun them 

  3. Upsell to another service.  


It was ALMOST perfect.  


I say “almost” cause he never called us back for the quote.  


(OR… that’s actually part of his plan so he gets clients swimming upstream and never has to chase 🤷🏻‍♂️).  


I bring this up because investors struggle with this concept:  


They think “lead generation” is Deal Generation.  


They refer to their list of COLD contacts as a “list of leads”.  


None of that is true and it trips people up.  


Sure you think it’s “semantics”.  


But it means a whole lot in your persistence, mindset, and results.  


Lead gen is finding ways (sometimes unique but simple ways like the above story) to weed through the population to find A seller (not a deal).  


Then you commence your “upsell”:  


“Can I come by to give you an offer?” 


It’s that simple...  


And sometime this week, I’m going to show you a video of a client who understands this concept beautifully and uses the OmniDrip system to follow up with leads on autopilot to grab a couple of contracts for his back pocket.  


And this smart client also signed up with my direct mail “Impact” program that I’ll be announcing very soon here.  


-Paul do Campo