The quickie email

Hey, this is one of the quickest shortest emails you’re going to get from me…  


Because I’ve just launched my follow-up mail program: “Direct Mail Impact” that you can read more about below.  


TL DR version:  


  • I’ve created direct mail specifically for follow-up with your EXISTING leads in your CRM 

  • It’s auto-pilot -- if your CRM has the ability you can send mail in a drip 

  • It’s very cheap to implement -- at around an AVERAGE $4.50 per lead. 

  • It’s hosted through PrintGenie -- so that means you’ll have to sign up with the affiliate link below 

  • We plug it into your CRM for you -- if you order below before the deadline 


Check it out there: 


P.S. NOTE: Understand that you’re signing up with PrintGenie. Subscription means you get to use their automated webhooks and their price discounts. 


Only by signing up with my affiliate link above, you’ll get access to my templates PLUS my team adds them to your CRM.  


Please send me an email reply and a screenshot of the order when you sign up through the affiliate link above