The Wily Nily investor

Most entrepreneurs are like….  


They’re like a 300 lb bull with a tight rope around it’s you know what, eyes covered, running into a china-shop.  


Most things are wily nily. Everything on the fly. Put together in a few seconds. Good enough. 


That was how Les Schwab described himself. If you haven’t read his autobiography I highly recommend him.  


He revolutionized the tire industry.  


But how he got away from his “wily nilyness” was setting up money driven managers running the store. He had a profit-sharing system. Where each store was almost like their own entity. That way he didn’t have to micro-manage each store. Les’s job was to:  


  • Market (he was a brilliant advertiser) 

  • Find new suppliers (the tire manufacturers were greedy SOB’s at that time) 

  • Buy real estate (he know how important it was to buy RE early. So he’d always be on the look out for good lots in good locations to build a new store.  


I’m bringing this up because you have a very simple way to take the micro-managing out of your hands.  


And it’s in your lead management.  


You can hire someone, train them, set up SOP’s, etc…  


Or you can quickly (over night) contract that part out to a proven vendor.  


And then you can finally focus on only a handful of thighs: Marketing, closing deals, selling those deals. 


It doesn’t cost much as long as you have leads coming in every month.  


If you feel like you’re being shot around from one task to another like a pinball, with no end in sight and no time to finish it…  


… It’s time to start delegating an entire department.  


Like Schwab did with his stores.  


Reply back and I’ll introduce you directly to Vince while there are only a couple of spots left.  


Paul do Campo  


P.S. Their US-based, REI-trained, reps will follow up with your existing leads every day, and book new appointments on your calendar for you. So this “dept” is taken care of for you.