This always beats selling and copy

This is the single most powerful way to sell/market anything.  


It’s more powerful than any copy 101 tactic, or closing statements.  


And it’s the single biggest reason (or lack of) that I can tell a freelance email client I can double their revenue from email alone just by looking at how many times they’re emailing.  


The short story goes like this…  


Leo Burnet was a 1950s ad man (think Mad Men era).  


Hat tip to Ben Settle who I learned this from, but Leo would make all his clients buy multiple spaces in the newspapers and radios.  


Not just one spot.  




Because he knew multiple “show ups” will win the game over the sexy hook, or the promotion.  


He coined the term:  


“Friendly Familiarity”.  


Because this^ is what actually did the selling, over time.  


Think: You show up on the subway every day, and the same insurance agent is there who befriends you and you trust him enough to buy from him eventually.  


When I’m talking to a potential freelance email client (to manage their email marketing), If they’re only emailing 1-4x a month, and have a large growing list, I’m rubbing my hands together because I know for certain I can make them (and me) a lot more money.  




Just because they’re not “showing up enough”.  


And that’s the case for investors.  


Most aren’t showing up enough.  


Most don’t have the “friendly familiarity”.  


And if they do, it’s in a really sleazy way: Think of the subway ride with the dirty, creepy, perverted man no one wants to sit next to.  


Speaking of this…  


You’re already an OmniDrip client, but check this out…  


I’ve been MORE conscious about injecting this concept of “friendly familiarity” into OmniDrip. It’s already there somewhat however I’m actually doing MORE of it in the near future.  


And improving the entire system. 


So that I can increase clients’ deliverability; ie. get them MORE engagement./  


THIS^ is what will get SMS/emails delivered at the highest peak. 


Not words or less “trigger words”.  


If you’re interested in getting that ADDED to yours let me know.