This is too controversial for a FB post

Selling talk…  


(Might not apply to selling cash offers but at least consider this)…  




A salesperson walks into a house to sell fire sprinklers.  


The man in the house clearly has money problems: old furniture, a dirty small house, old clothes).  


The salesperson doesn’t bat an eye at it. And continues selling and closing the man of the house on a thousand-dollar-plus fire sprinkler system. 


Most would have shamed the salesperson: “That man doesn’t need that!”  


He doesn’t need it?  


Says who?  


Who are you to judge what this man needs or doesn’t? And if the fire sprinkler saves lives, why shouldn’t this man have that?  


Either way, the man of the house will spend his money on something…  




That little story I heard somewhere from either Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar.  


I’ve done the opposite of this too many times. 


Moved people away from buying if they don’t fit a “perfect” box.  


But the truth is…  


If you REALLY believe what you’re selling (even cash/creative offers) will help the other person in some way, there should be no objection that should stop you.  


The fire sprinkler salesperson truly believes in the product and what it does: saves lives if there’s a fire.  


And he understands:  


“This man (whether poor or rich) will spend his money on something, might as well spend on something good”. 


That^ — in my right opinion — is 80% of the battle in selling.  


Not tricks/tactics/closing statements.  


But enthusiasm. 


You can actually show enthusiasm in your marketing COPY.  


We do it right here in OmniDrip.  


Making sure enthusiasm is baked in (not fake, salesy type but truly good valuable messages with a “smile”). 


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