Today is D-Day — My “prediction”

By the end of next week, starting today, millions of investors will be out of business.


Every licensed agent won't be able to get through their email inbox because they'll be filled to the rim with hundreds of investor emails saying:


“Do you have any deals?” 


The streets will look like downtown Los Angeles with investors in rags roaming the streets and instead of asking for change asking:


“Are you interested in selling your house”? 


Towns will be “zombie towns” with dilapidated houses on every corner because investors can no longer reach the owners.


It’s doomsday.




Of course, that’s all for tongue and cheek because today is the first day of 10DLC — according to my pal Sharad over at ReSimpli who’s been front lines in helping communicate the looming doomsday for investors.


The ones that weren’t paying attention….


… They'll of a sudden curse the world as they try and send out cold-blast text messages and nothing is happening.


I don’t know how serious this will be.


But a couple of thoughts and lessons for you:


  1. This DOES affect even warm follow-up (I’ll explain below)

  2. There’s nothing new under the sun: Every time people use something that was NEVER meant to be used in such a way… it backfires.


This^ happened when I was slanging land on Facebook inside of local FB groups as well as free ads on Craigslist. Facebook groups and free Craigslist listings were never meant for BUSINESSES to pitch their products like crazy in —paid ads were for that. As Facebook and Craigslist blocked you and shut your account down, land-flippers were outraged at FB and roamed the earth like zombies trying to find a new loophole to list their lots to the mass market for free.


And as for you law-abiding investors (“law-abiding” meaning not using cold text blast anymore AND you’ve registered with 10DLC months ago)...


… You still have to be careful. 


If you’re suspected of being a spammer even with warm follow-up texts…


A carrier (like T-mobile) will say:


“We’re not sending any more text messages from your company”. 


This is the theory by some.


I’m not sure how it will exactly play out.


So how can you be suspected of being a “spammer” even with texts to people who already know you?


Getting a lot of spam complaints from receivers (“a lot” according to some of my resources is 5% -- which is a lot. If you’re getting 5% something is very wrong)


Getting a lot of unsubscribe requests (“a lot” again is that 5% number I keep hearing (I don’t know how accurate this is but again 5% is quite a bit)


So is this the end of follow-up? 




It just means you need to follow up with more QUALITY.


Not the same pitch requests like: “Are you still interested in selling?” (which is nothing but a “ME ME ME!!” ad).


If you want, throttle down the amount of text messages but NOT throttle down the amount of follow-up you do.


Instead, follow up with direct mail (yes you can follow up with mail at a low cost) and more calls to replace some of those text messages


For my existing clients… 


If you’re getting high unsubscribes and spam complaints (if your CRM even tracks that), let's talk (just reply back so I can take a look at your CRM). 


If there’s an unusually high unsubscribe request, there’s something wrong with your lead quality coming in…


BUT, I’ll take a look and see what we can throttle down in terms of text messages sent and what we can replace them with.


For those who don’t have much of a follow-up and are worried about the end of follow-up. 


Simple solution:


Have quality messages with variety.


And you can get that here: