Riddle me this…

How do you tell a motivated seller that their house

is worth $100,000 less than what they think it is?!?

… without arguing?

… without giving them “logic”?

Here’s how:

First, imagine you’ve been zapped into the year 1860.

You’ve been tasked with selling the world’s first “anti-crash” elevator.

But people are extremely skeptical.

Because that last series of elevators left people crashing to their doom!

So how do you sell to a skeptical bunch…

… Without arguing with them …?

You do it in the same way that Elishah Otis (creator of the first “anti-crash” elevator), convinced the world that his elevators work safely — without crashes!

Here’s what he did:

First, he built a tall structure to resemble an elevator shaft

He took it with him to carnivals, shows, and sales presentations (in pieces I assume he had a team assemble it).

His elevator would hang from this structure, just like an elevator shaft.

He climbed inside.

They lifted the elevator up.

And when he reached the top…

They cut the rope!

In just 1-2 seconds, Otis’s safety mechanism triggered and stopped the elevator to a halt (almost every elevator you go into will have the words “Otis” on them. Look for it next time you get into an elevator).

He went around the world, demonstrating to people that it works.

Soon after, his elevator was accepted as the only safe elevator to use in ALL tall buildings.

He became very wealthy.

“Ok… so how does that apply to me and motivated sellers?” 

Good question, chap. And here it is…

Otis hardly spoke during the presentation.

He never argued with people about why his elevators are safe.

He didn’t even have a PowerPoint or a list of objections to answer.


He used the power of demonstration.

The power of vision.

And I’m going to show you how to apply “demonstration” like this to your business.

Demonstrating is one (of MANY) ways to apply vision and help SELL and CONVINCE… without ever arguing.

If you want to show people that their house isn’t what they think it is—that their house doesn’t actually fart out butterflies“—then do this:

For every seller appointment…

  1. Take a clipboard and a rehab checklist with you
  2. Dress professional (Polo and clean nice work boots are fine — it makes you look like a contractor; like you know what you’re doing)
  3. Make sure the seller is with you (tell them, “Let’s take a tour”)
  4. Go around the house SLOWLY. Don’t hasten through
  5. For EVERY malfunction, damage, cut, nick, scrape, etc… write it down.
  6. Let them observe the damages with you
  7. For bigger damages, spend more time observing it
  8. Look concerned
  9. When done, give them a copy of the (looong) list of inspection items

This small “little presentation” actually has a huge psychological impact.


It has them doubt their initial “feelings” of the house being in “perfect” condition.

It makes them doubt their bloated value.

In fact…

I wouldn’t even ask them about what they think the house is worth before this little presentation.

So that it makes it all the easier for them to agree with your valuation.

This little trick goes right in line with the power of “agreement” and “tonality” taught in the sales book, “The Wolf of Wallstreet“. People don’t want to look dumb, so if you look more like an expert than them, they’ll often agree with you.

This brings their perceived valuation down a bit…

Without ever arguing.

This is The Power of Vision.

And what I showed you is only 1 way (of many) to leverage vision in your business.

You see…

Enough of these little “vision enhancers“, and you:

Start to dramatically increase your overall conversion rate.

(The conversion rate in your ENTIRE system. Not individual parts).

These little “credibility boosters”, “vision enhancers”, and “demonstrations”, start to stack up on each other.

Giving you incredible selling power in your marketplace…

And making you the only logical choice for sellers.

Just like that “little” demonstration did for Otis.

But that’s only 1 tactic.

Are there others?


One is by increasing the vision of pain.

But there are right ways and wrong ways to use the vision of pain.

The wrong way can actually hurt your response and conversions.

So let me show you the wrong way to use this strategy (that many investors still are doing now)…

And how there are some follow-up sequences I don’t use (like bankruptcy, divorce, tax liens,) that will actually backfire and why.

And I explain it all in this short 6-minute video. Click Here


P.S. These little “vision enhancers” and demonstrations, are actually foundational elements inside OmniDrip.

In SMS, I enhance your credibility with little “boosters” in the messages.

In email, I enhance the vision of pain by using appropriate (true) stories — but careful using this yourself, because overdoing this can backfire… but I explain why in the video above.

“I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you working with us this past year or so and how much we’ve valued your work…”

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