Walmart was no bueno

One of the most interesting biographies I’ve read is Sam Walton’s, autobiography.  


Yes… I get that biographies are a hard dry heave to get through. But this one is entertaining.  


Sam Walton (Founder of Walmart if you didn’t know)… was a fascinating individual.  


How he functioned, talked to people, thought.  


There are a lot of lessons to pull from it…  


One is this:  


When he first started Walmart, it was probably one of the worst stores in retail.  


They had a terrible merchandise assortment (items were everywhere; just random sometimes).  


They had no back-office support. 


They had a cave-man-like buying program. 


But regardless of that^ the stores were amazing at one thing:  


Item promotion 


He admitted. They just didn’t have their act together for everything else, but his ability to dramatically promote items to the point of selling them in one day made up for all the slack everywhere else. And it wasn’t just him, he could find and teach the right managers the same skill set. There are stories of his managers buying pallets of something you’d never see flying off the shelf, like detergent. Then stack them together into a massive mountain that reaches the ceiling, in the front of the store so everyone sees it. Announcing it to the whole town how discounted they are, and just cleaning house.  




The point is this:  


We overthink.  


We want everything to be perfect.  


When there actually is an 80% in your business that drives it.  


It could be the huge referral network you’ve built that sends deals to you every month.  


It could be the lead gen or closing ability.  


It could be your ability to find some amazing people for your team.  


Whatever it is…  


There is a ONE thing that matters the most.  


(Mine, for OmniDrip, is my USP (unique selling proposition))  


But the story of Walmart didn’t end there.  


Because he admitted, that his promoting skill would have only got him so far — and stuck in small towns. 


Walmart wouldn’t be where they’re at today if it didn’t dramatically improve all the rest of the stuff they sucked at. 


But Sam didn’t have to really learn all that^.  


He hired some people with the ideas and know-how.  


So same to you…  


Are you losing leads?  


Do you stop following up after they ghost you 7x? 


Do you not know what to say?  


I can help optimize what you’re already doing. 


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