What’s your problem?

Here’s a quick story to show you how most people are working on the wrong problems…  


While talking with my mentor we were going through some sales strategies.  


Because I admit, I SUCK at face-to-face sales. I always have for the last 10 years and just haven’t really worked on it.  


 Then while chatting he stopped and said:  


“Hold on… What exactly IS your conversion rate????”  


“I’m not sure,” I said… “let me figure that out right now…”. 


Did some quick additions. Subtracted the no-shows. Pressed divide…  


“53%”, I said. 




He asked.  


“Dude you don’t have a sales problem you have a lead problem.”  


So at the moment, I realized, I was spending the last 2 weeks working on sales when that wasn’t the (real) problem. It’s just that I have a longer sales window/cycle so the math gets lost and I forget that I’m actually converting every other person that shows up on a call, eventually.  


So it is with many as it is with me: we focus on the wrong problems.  


It’s hard to actually solve problems if you’re focusing on the wrong thing (or diversifying your problem-solving, spreading yourself thin).  


Now, regardless of that conversion rate…  


I’m still no good at sales calls, yet.  


(I still haven’t had my coffee since “Coffee’s for Closers” — Hat tip to the Glengarry Glen Ross movie) 


So how do I have a 50% conversion rate and suck at sales…?  


It’s in what I do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER in my marketing.  


Marketing can pick up quite a bit of slack for bad phone persuasion.  


So a lesson in that?  


  1. Dial in your numbers to figure out the real problems: Lead to appointment (or lead to offers), appt to offers, Offers to contracts, contracts to deals.


  2. Book a call with me here, to pick up the slack in your lost deals and piled “dead” leads.  


Paul do Campo