When they’re hot and ready… why wait?!?

Here’s a sales and marketing principle you’re witnessing firsthand…


If you clicked the link inside the last email, then you got zapped tomorrow’s email… instantly. 


The reason?


Because why WAIT to SELL to your interested leads? 


[note: From now on for the next 5 emails or so…. every time you click the link, you’ll be forwarded the next day’s email in seconds… it’s a marketing principle that I explain below — and when people want more info, why should they wait?] 


OmniDrip is designed to be a follow-up marketing system to better organize your leads and improve overall conversion.


But when a lead has “their hair on fire” and needs to sell… yesterday…


Why wait?


No need to drop them into an organized drip/system.


Have someone on your team, drop what they’re doing and go and make an offer ASAP before they talk to someone else.


These types of sellers ARE there.


But, they are rare though.


The problem is, however, that most investors operate their business only looking for these “hair on fire” sellers.


They miss the 80% of the sellers that: 

Need time

Aren’t sure about selling

Signed with someone else

Believe your offer is too low but they’re still motivated

Decided to keep it, but then end up realizing later it’s too much of a hassle, so they sell

These make up “80%” of deals.


[Note: all those listed “situations” are “buckets” in our OmniDrip system.] 


But most investors aren’t using this principle:


The right message, to the right person, at the right time.


Most are sending generic drips (that have no targeted CTA, no targeted pain points, and no credibility builders)


Some are not even sending anything at all.


So it leads me to the rub…


I recorded a podcast with an REI digital marketer, Bryan Driscol.  


And I talked about THIS exact strategy:


“The right message, to the right person, at the right time”  


And how to (somewhat) automate this.


In the audio recording, I also reveal:  


A sneaky and easy tactic to add more “touches” to your sellers WITHOUT sending more SMS, calls, or emails. 

How to tap into Dan Kennedy’s profitable “Marketing Trifecta” for motivated sellers — the right message to the right seller, at the right time.  

How to “monetize” every stage of the seller  

A “would you like fries with that” question every investor should be asking… to not only add more testimonials and reviews to your business but extra deals to your pipeline (utilizing a drip system).  

3 big marketing and copy elements you can add to your drips today  

How to segment your leads into types… not situations, and why.  

Event-based buckets create better structure and better copy — it’s what sophisticated e-commerce/publishing business use today and Paul explains how to do it in REI 

How to create “funnel-based” drips that follow a lead from beginning to even AFTER it closes…. and why. 


Listen to it on your phone here. 


P.S. THIS PODCAST audio IS INSIDE A MOBILE APP called “Learnistic” and can only be seen with your phone… Hit the link above and it’ll send you a QR code if you’re on your desktop.

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