Whipping out the sales templates can mean a limp sales day

My pal Bryan Driscoll published an interview-based article on “sales acumen”.


Basically, the ability to be quick on your feet in sales; listening and providing an answer on the spot.  


This is probably THE skill that helps close a sale.  


Not the 10 formulaic closing statements you see pounded on social media.  


Cause a sale is a fragile thing.  


It’s not a production line with a templated formula for each person.  


Case in point:  


I called my internet provider about a complaint.  


The person disregarded my complaint. 


Then he immediately went into an upsell asking about my phone service. 


(It sounded like a templated formula for the “offer of the week” every salesperson was supposed to shove down the caller's throat)  


I didn’t care to hear about a new offer (regardless if it was a good deal or not)… I wanted my internet problem fixed.  


He didn’t get the sale that day. 


In fact, they lost a customer because I canceled afterward.  


Opposite of that:  


A friendly salesperson comes knocking at my door.  


He’s cautious when he approaches (cause I have barriers up).  


He asks his opening question (which is hard to ignore).  


Long story short… he answered every question and concern of mine, steered the pitch towards my concerns, and got the sale that week.  


I LOVE speaking with a good salesman.  


Contrary to the “popular culture” of what sales is…  


… Sales is sailing with the customer's thoughts.  


… And knowing when to stop.  


Enter the Lead Management service.  


Lead managers need to be salespeople too.  


They need to “sell” the lead into the next stage of the pipeline.  


Whether that be booking an appointment or responding to your offer.  


Fortunately at Call Porter -- which I know them personally -- they aren’t trained to be the pushy salesman in a slick suit shoving a vacuum into your living room when you don’t need one.  


They’re trained to listen, answer the seller's concerns, and move them on the right path.  


AKA: they only choose the ones that have a knack for sales acumen and train them further.


If you need help working your leads…  


... And you have too many to work right now…  


This might be a temporary solution for you.  


Reply back and let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you more details