Why I cut the head off another business

[Note: below I have a message about how “D4$” might have just died]


… Not sure if it’s just me, but my sources of (active) income tend to be like nine headed hydra.  


With some heads barely clinging on to life. And some are trying to get bigger but the others are holding it down.  


As the year wraps up, a crucial question for you is what are you focusing on?  


If you’ve got multiple “improvements” to make (You’ve got lead gen, team building, fundraising, creative finance to learn, etc)… you probably have the same nine-headed monster growing in your backyard devouring any chance you have of growth.  


So slay that nine-headed monster, and focus on 1-2 (ideally should be 1) thing at a time.  


Yes, cliche perhaps?  






But as social media gurus are pounding their chest about “focus and discipline”… few of them actually do it (You’ll have to take my word for it, but from insider knowledge, I know that a vast majority of these social media influencers actually don’t make any or much money (in their “occupation” as an influencer AND whatever they’re teaching).  


So as I wrap up the year (and mark off more weeks from my “Death Calendar”)…  


I decided to start axing away at all the “dead weight”.  


And one such is a niche blog business I started with a partner at the beginning of the year.  


It doesn’t align with my immediate goals and it collides with my long-term goals.  


So let’s get down to business…  


What’s YOUR immediate goal in business?  


Or better stated: what’s the ONE thing right now that would immediately grow your business?  


Don’t say: “All of it!!!” Cause it’s not.  


You can work and work on building teams, and building backend “funnels”, but with no leads it’s all a waste of time.  


If you don’t have (enough) leads, my guess would be that’s your ONE thing right now.  


Or if you do have leads, but lack any organization and you (or your team) is all over the place, then processes and systems MIGHT be your “one thing” — in that case reply back to me so we can get one aspect: a powerful drip sequence system, plugged in) 


If you need leads check this out….  


Driving for dollars might have just “died”.  


“Died”, in the since that there is now DATA available in some markets that make “driving for dollars” obsolete. 


The county (or maybe it’s the PO, not sure) labels houses in “conditional” categories – I.e It’s run down.  


And you can PULL that list easily with Deal Machines’ new data set.

(These^ aren’t “leads” but it’s a “new” and viable way for you to market and find leads)


This IS my affiliate but I have NO idea how (or even if) I get paid, but I’d rather share this “new” thing with you.  


– Paul do Campo