Why I don’t automate marketing myself

Email:Jun 05 2023
I’ll sound hypocritical here…


But the other day I sent an email about why I pulled the plug on certain active real estate income streams — (You can read about it here) .


And I hinted that I don’t personally have this long planned-out automated marketing sequence like I create for off-market investors (or other clients like coaches, services, or SaaS).


When someone joins this list, they’ll get one automatic “delivery” sequence.


And then an auto (short) welcome series (which is actually quite complex with clicks that trigger an email).


And then they get added to my “marketing list”; my regular weekly (sometimes daily) emails.


And that’s it.


Is this hypocritical?  


Here I am selling automated long follow-up sequences, but I don’t (really) do it myself?!?!?




But I do follow up!!


I actually follow up more than what I set up for you in OmniDrip.  


In fact, this email IS the follow-up.


That’s why for businesses that DON’T do regular communication with their clients/sellers/buyers/etc…


… And don’t want to do it (or when there’s no need for it)…


… THAT’S when I set up an auto sequence — a long one.


When that’s the case…


… I bring “Big Willie and the Twins” to the table (if you’ve seen the movie “Inside Man” you’ll know what I mean)


But for those doing regular communication, I do not recommend lots of automation.


Or things clash.


Here’s the thing: the regular communication IS the follow-up.


The sales team that got FIRED I mentioned in the email.. . had all these automations and sequences in place. BUT, the company was also doing regular emails 3-4x per week (that I wrote). So things we’re clashing. Prospects were getting emails and texts every day, not knowing who’s who (I was NOT in charge of this, nor wrote it, and I highly recommended they shut this off ).


And with our regular emails, we were producing a LOT more than the sales team (in the realm of $7-$10 PER email address PER month).


For those that aren’t doing regular communication…


… Let me know by replying back if you want that must-needed automated marketing and we’ll set you up.


– Paul







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