Why I get squirrely end of year

At the bottom of this email, I have something new and different — a free offer to learn more about improving year-over-year growth… but let me explain with this squirrely email first…


Did you know…


At this time of year, squirrels are busy burying 1,000 acorns throughout the fall — And they remember EVERY spot. It’s something I observed while glazing outside our Coeur d’Alene living room while looking outside at all the red, orange, and yellow fall foliage… The squirrels are busier than ever end of year.


But entrepreneurs aren’t.


They tend to slow down.


They tend to “fatten” up — getting ready for a little entrepreneur hibernation.


Instead, at this time of year, ask yourself:


  • Did I accomplish ANY of my big annual goals? (and if not, what can I do for one last run?)

  • What were my best months? (and can I mimic those in the last 3 months of the year)

  • Is there anything I can do to make Jan. start with fire from the start (rather than have to start the “boiling” process from freezing cold water.)


One of my (non-REI) clients in which I’m very active in marketing decisions, we brainstormed this:


... What can we sell today that promises a service/product with payment for January (to boost revenue since Jan is typically a low month)?


… What were the top three months this year (and what did we actually do: how many sales calls did we take, how many emails, any sales, etc)?


Before you start winding down this year… And before you start planning next year… It’s time to reflect and implement. And get busy prepping like squirrels (yes I know cheesy — but we’ve got a lot of squirrels here and they’re interesting little creatures!).



– Paul do Campo


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