Why I pulled the plug

Email: June 2nd, 2023

A couple of days ago a client asked:

“Why did you pull the plug on wholesaling and land?”

Before I give that answer, I want to say, sometimes I AM envious of the business that puts out $40k transactions.

As a friend of mine in CDA who’s the biggest buyer here said when we got talking about mobiles homes (I paraphrase):

“I rather not go after mobile homes anymore… I just rather go after another $40k deal”.

I think: “Daangg… that’s f4ck1n awesome!”

But then reality sets in and I realize how much time, effort, and looong hours it took to get to that point.


… I wake up when I want (typically around 5 naturally).

… I put in an hour of personal development.

… 30 minutes of client and team communication.

… 30-60 min of creative work in my business.

… 3-4 hours of client work (with 1 sales call in between)

Then by 12, I’m typically done.

Going off to exercise, play with the kids, run errands. I MIGHT have some extra work (or client communication stuff) if I’m really busy but it’s typically short (I’m trying to fit in some networking/marketing management in the evening on my phone).

I choose to pull the plug on wholesaling/land flipping because It wasn’t the “pumpkin” that was growing well.

I’m no farmer — though I grew the best tomatoes one year — but from what I understand, if you’re growing pumpkins you snip the “runt” pumpkins off the vine so the thriving ones can …well… thrive.

Land was profitable to a point (with enough time those notes are nice but expire after 3 years and lots of them default)…

But I was also writing copy.

Though “writing for others” isn’t an asset (like notes and/or a scaled buy/sell business)…

My skill set gives me that lifestyle I showed you above.

Having cash-flowing assets doesn’t have to be in the form of creating a scaled business with employees.

Here are some ways I’m creating cash flow:

– Looking for VR’s (that’s the game that’s played in my hometown and where the cash flow is)

– Loaning cash to flippers

– Cash flowing with stocks (something I’m learning and enjoying)

– Buying 1 house at a time (the John Schaub method of wealth creation)

– Considering getting back into Lonnie deals (Though I hated selling them, the only way I would do it is if I found a good agent to sell for me).

That’s all; Multiple ways to make money in life.

And for you patient wholesalers/flippers that enjoy going after the $40k deals and creating a nice business asset…

Here’s one way to uncover hidden cash in your business…

… A follow-up sequence that fills the cracks keeping leads from falling out…

And written by a (swell) guy who’s been writing copy in this niche since 2016 😉.

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