Why most secretly crave power in the highest level

Email:Jul 27 2023


While Elon Musk was being interviewed and challenged by a Townhall host, the host asked (I paraphrase):


“In your tweets and public posts you seems to be a little reckless and not think of the consequences to your companies and the shareholders…”.


Elon then pauses for 12 seconds.


And then answers with this “open hand smack” in the face to every a*hole that desires his censorship:


“Offer me power… Offer me money… I don’t care. I’ll say what I want when I want and if the consequences are losing money, so be it”.  


Irresponsible ?




Maybe. But one can argue morally superior —in that he voices what he believes.


This is power.


And most want this kind of power in entrepreneurship.


As Gary Halbert (a legendary copywriter) put it in his “Boron letters” book after watching a cat play with a mouse as if it was his toy:


“There is no justice… only power”.  


I have no idea if this message rings a bell with you, and there’s certainly no direct “lesson” out of it….


It’s only something that had impact on me.


Cause when people answer the question: “What motivates you?”, their typical answer is: Kids, family, financial freedom, etc…


But I’d say “power” is at the top for most (at least for me and probably hidden away in others subconscious but it’s not “proper” to say).


It’s Power to say no.


Power to do what I want with no “thumb” over me.


Power to not let money (or lack of it) rule over.




This is more of mental shift than it is money.


But money sure helps.


No pitch today. No offer. Just your unruly host giving you an option to think differently.


– Paul do Campo


OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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