Why the ChatGPT craze is like cartel selling enhanced heroine

After using AI content every week for a certain project, and attempting multiple times to have it write:  


- emails 


- FB ads 


- short form ads 


- Sales letters 


I am almost convinced that people selling “AI training” (especially for content), are no different than selling a new enhanced crack c0caine to the streets.  


… No different than when people were jumping onto NTfs, crypto, cheap mortgage packages of 2007, and whatever “new” hot money-making topic was getting peddled.  


Again, after USING AI (content) and trying to make it work several times and being frustrated with it, constantly repeating:  


  • Be more personable 

  • Hit my word count of…  

  • Expand on this…  

  • Please do not start with “I hope this email finds you well…” 


And it, not following directions or sounding like a hoaky salesperson (even after prompting it otherwise)... 


I only see AI (content) used for two reasons:  


*1.) to decrease time spent writing -- and for a project where you don’t care that it’s FILLER content that few of your actual target audience will read 


*2.) to increase your quality of output -- if you’re NOT a decent communicator at all or even close to it  


This^ has at least been my experience inside the REI market. 


(Maybe in other markets/industries Chat has a better grasp of it.) 


And if you want to write an email like what you're reading right now (or any form of "relationship-building" communication)…  


… You’re kidding yourself.  


I've tried multiple times -- And yes that's after pasting an example of what I want. I spend the same amount of time "massaging" Chat as I would to write my own damned “relationship building” form of communication -- and then the results are nothing close to what I want... 


(aka: it’s filler content that you can absolutely tell was written by AI).  


But I’m giving it another chance.  


Cause I just paid an AI expert (not much money at all, only $400), to write me a book using AI. 


Because maybe it’s me.  


Maybe I suck at prompting it (though lots of my peers report the same thing as above).  


With this “AI expert” I have to answer a questionnaire and then he’ll have a book for me in a day.  


So we’ll see.  


In the meantime…  


Another REASON to use AI is to save money.  


Because if you just don’t have the $2,000 budget to improve your Follow up system (and get my OmniDrip system)...  


Then eat your heart out with AI to create follow-up messaging.  


(You just have to be O.K. with it saying “Are you still interested in selling” over and over again… and having hoaky long-winded SMS messages that get glazed over... and NOT produce a system for you but just some messages to plug in somewhere).  


That above^ is better than nothing... 


For those that care about quality and results view my P.S. below and hop on this link:  




P.S. client Wes Brown (which I’ll have a video soon inside his CRM) said this:  


Got a lead back on 4/28/2023, set up a couple appointments where the seller was no show'd, put her on a follow up campaign, she reached out yesterday and said she was ready to meet today at 9AM.  


Showed up to the appointment and got it under contract! 


Your system continues to produce man. I love it.”