Why the number 1 “thing” is actually a million things

Email:Jun 07 2023
A prominent investor, known by many, and a hard-to-reach man of immense wealth, by the name of Lee Arnold…


Asked this on stage, once:


“Dan Kennedy said THIS is the number marketing sin… do you know what it is?”  


I wanted to blurt out:




I wasn’t trying to be a smart-ass by any means…


Cause this was actually said by Dan.


Lee’s answer was:


“The number 1 sin is to stop communicating with your market”.  


Which is 100% true.


But my answer is also 100% true… depending on which audio, book, or newsletter you’re reading from Dan.


And then there’s Ken McCarthy (the literal “father of internet marketing” the title that Time Mag gave him) who recently said:


“The number 1 thing in marketing is to be perceived as a wizard…”  


Or you’ll find Dan repeating (in different ways):


“The number 1 problem is having 1 of anything” .


Well… there are a ton of “number 1’s” in business.


And I get it… I say things like this all the time. It’s dramatic. It puts the spotlight on. It’s rememberable.


But really?!?! Just one thing is all you need?




Observe these high performers, and their “one thing” is actually a combo of all the small details working together.


They say: “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.  


I call (sweaty) balls on that.  


Sure, small stuff doesn’t matter when you’re starting (you need to get offers out there ASAP and not worry about perfection)


But there’s a point (very soon and very early) where the small stuff matters BIG.


For example:


… Where people are clicking away from your site because you forgot the detail of congruency from ad to website: like saying you’re local on your ad, but there’s nothing on your website about being local; and in fact you talk about buying all over the country.


… Where


… Where people aren’t responding to your ads because you forgot the detail of being super targeted in your copy — for example sending a letter to mobile home park owners and saying “I buy commercial property”.




… Where a prospect doesn’t go with you because she Googled your name and found nothing… and you looked awfully suspicious.


Or… of course, I have to shamelessly plug what I can do…


You have a limp system for following up.


*Losing leads you don’t even know you lost…


*Losing potential deals cause you didn’t pop the “do you want fries with that” question when a deal closed…


*Losing deals because they couldn’t differentiate you from the other guys (cause you never got them into your world — like OmniDrip helps you do)


The little things matter…


That’s why I’ve months of time refining it, looking at each message, email, and task… and testing it.


If you’re looking at the small stuff too, then hop onboard here.  



OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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