You might be a commodity… if… you don’t do enough of this…

“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think. That is very uncommon in American business. I read and think.” 


-Warren Buffet

I’ll make this short…  


I agree with this wholeheartedly.  


You can’t work through a problem every time.  


If a car’s having a problem, the mechanic doesn’t start taking things apart assuming what it is. He runs some diagnostics first.  


Business owners need to separate themselves from work, slow down, and think. 


AKA run diagnostics.  


Most of my problem-solving ideas have stemmed from this….  


Taking time to sit, read, and think.  


One day out of the week, I don’t work at all.  


I read most of the time or hang out with the kids.  


And that has been game-changing for me.  


Want to beat your competitors?  


Take a day (or an hour every day), read something for a bit, then start thinking. 


You can do “divergent thinking” on paper.  


Or the T-Square.  


Regardless, you’re thinking it through.  


There are not enough thinkers in business and way more copycats.  


Copycats turn into commodities. 


Commodities turn into a race for the lowest price. 


Think, and get out of the commodity business.  

Paul do Campo