You might be lazy if…

“You must be a lazy man if it takes you 10 hours to do a full days work” 


-Andrew Carnegie


He said this about a manager who spent 10 hours+ a day in his office.


And he went on commenting saying (I paraphrase):


“I focus on the most important things, I’m highly focused with no distractions. So that everything is done in the morning and I can enjoy the rest of my day.” 


Earl Nightingale (one of the best motivational speakers of all time) said something similar:


“Write down up to 6 tasks for the day. Once you complete them, don’t go on to the next thing, you did your work for the day”. 


This isn’t a call for being lazy.


But prioritizing.


Here’s a fact:


Most people in the workforce waste more time diddling throughout the day (getting coffee, chatting, scrolling, browsing, etc.)... than actual work.


And employers have no idea…


They think it takes their employees 8 hours to make a couple of calls, a couple of data entries, and a little research here and there.


The truth is people take waay longer than they should to do something.


So here are some fundamental tips that I’ve implemented in my life:


  • I close all tabs except 1-2 (whatever I’m actually working on).

  • I set a time for 30-60 minutes -- this depends on the task. By having a bright timer in front of me it’s a constant reminder that I need to get to it.

  • I have a “theme” to whatever I’m trying to build in the business -- This is taken from the “One Thing” book, but if the one thing that will make everything else easier or unnecessary is creating lead gen channels… than 80% of MY tasks (not what I delegate out -- although If others can help I’ll send those tasks their way) is focused on that “theme”.


Here’s another example more relevant to you in REI on the “One Thing” which I think is super powerful:


Increasing cash resources. 


That's^ a problem for some, so here's what I mean by practicing the "One Thing": You focus on low cash lead generation (if cash is low in your account). You're constantly on the hunt for private lenders and HMLs for back up. Constantly having “raising money” on the mind so you talk to everyone about investing, and subtly pitching investing in your flips. Visiting all the REIAs in your local area consistently.


And you don't move from that "them" until the problem is fixed or you've developed permanent habits.


Those are just some examples of how to practice the “one thing”...




The point is to look at your own time and the time your vendors/employees are using… and manage that time WELL.


So you don’t have wasted “water cooler talks” that take 4 hours of the day (YES, all these little things add up to a half days work)


Speaking of wasted time…


If you or your AMs/LMs are wasting precious time setting tasks for leads, trying to figure out what to say…


You can cut that time in half or more by implementing my OmniDrip system: 



P.S. If any of you think: "Well isn’t reading this email newsletter “wasted time?". My answer is this: I, Dan Kennedy, Warren Buffet, and even Andrew Carnegie (as I’m reading his biography) read an extraordinary amount. It was part of their day. Dan reports he reads somewhere in the realm of 10 or so magazines and print newsletters in a month.