You’re the only person I tell this too

… Well, you and the Brazilian (the wife).


Here’s what I bought the other day, that will weird the hell out of people and think I’m some sort of psychopath.


But it’s such a powerful tool for getting things done, and enjoying life better.  


I came across a wood “Life Calendar” to hang up on the wall (I sometimes call it a death calendar being the contrarian I am).


And you mark off one week at the end of week.


And there are 90 years on it — with 52 boxes for each year.


So you can visually SEE you’re coming closer to death (assuming you live that long).


This is very stoic.


And very productive.


It gets you off your ass to only do things that get you closer to your goal…


And start enjoying life with the ones around you.


Anyway, I’ve been more in “tune” with this: the stoic and buddhist approach on death… rather than just avoid like most people.


Stay tuned on my list for what’s coming.


I’ve got a few offers on the table to get out soon. 


Here they are:


1) “Follow up Frenzy” — A comprehensive course/book looking at several investors/operators “processes” for their teams in managing leads and deals.


2) “One-Off Overture” — (if I can think of a better name). I got this idea from someone else who’s doing it in their business, and a client asked (coincidently) to do this. Basically, for those that need an email/text template for EVERY situation to send one-off messages to leads they’re working hard manually.

3.) Agent Horde — (Name might change). A course/book on tapping into the hidden deals that agents have in your market via email. I’ll be interviewing and divulging how actual investors do it. And I’ll also be giving off email templates and a full instruction on email marketing from me (someone who’s sent almost 2,000 email blasts in his career)



If any of these interest you…


… Send me a reply and “yes [name of product]”  



– Paul “not afraid of death” do Campo